Viktor Holst —

Copenhagen (DK) based Visual Artist. He graduated from the VAV (Moving Image) Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in July 2019

As a multi-media artist, I often tend to make installations of analog animated material, giving life to otherwise dead things. I work with video, photography, and sculptures, but I can’t help but experiment and reinvent the traditional form of these techniques.
The subjects I deal with have become the main focus of my practice, while the media tends toreveal itself during the process. This is why the outcomes of my works are often very different from one another.
In my research, I like to challenge the ability to observe with our biologically primitive eyes and gather information - our eyes are the only tool we have for visual input, and still what we are looking at is constructed in our brains as an idea - While being physically at a location one can work with factors like light, darkness, colors, shapes, and contrasts. It is possible to achieve a kind of flux of what the eye is able to feel comfortable with and capable of. I like to connect that effect with the subject of my works.

For commisions, collaborations and all enquiries:
(+45) 51 92 86 80

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