Graduation Work

 Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Playing with the sun's movement, intricate patterns cut out of black paper cast shadows on thin white curtains. They split up the room and partly hide a mechanic machine that continuously rolls wheels that force black belts into a common center and out again. Over time the belts wear and tear.


 Video Installation

Shifting between observation of- and a point of view of a shiny cylinder. We observe a spinning inner world of an object. The looping movie is projected on a bent steel plate mimicking the idea of having a rounded view such as the cylinder


 Light Sculpture

Fragmented wooden construction with build-in light that seeps out of the creeks. Light glows through styrofoam, revealing detailed motives that tend to get grainy seen up close and the viewer is forced to a test of sight 


Surface Tension

 Video and Sound Installation

A sensory exhibition in the dark, inviting the viewer to explore the room with sound installations and dim lights. With a theme of surfaces and their reflective quantities, objects animate with the
movement of the viewer. Projected on a Bended Metal sheet, the light projection adapts to the viewer's movement